We, the LFD Holding, operate pig breeding farms at several locations in Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Thuringia, Brandenburg, Saxony and Bavaria. In 2015, the company emerged from a Dutch family business. 95% of the shares of LFD Holding are held in trust by trustee Christian Graf Brockdorff and 5% by Schultze & Braun.


Heidrun Spengler-Knappe



Seasonally, we have 400 employees at our sites. Our headquarters are located in Roßdorf. Each site has a manager who lives close to the location. For the four areas of operation insemination, farrowing, flat deck and outdoor area, there is one team each with one foreman. The departments of administration, animal welfare and health, sales and logistics are also flat in hierarchy.

  1. Zentrale Roßdorf

    An der Mittelheide 5
    39307 Jerichow OT Roßdorf

  2. Gladau

    Fienerstraße 1
    39307 Genthin / OT Gladau

  3. Binde

    Schweinezucht Binde GmbH
    Binde Nr. 28a
    39619 Arendsee OT Binde

  4. Rastow

    Schweinzucht Fahrbinde GmbH
    Lewitzweg 1
    19077 Rastow OT Fahrbinde

  5. Medow

    Schweineproduktion Brenkenhof GmbH
    Kriener Landstraße 1
    17391 Medow OT Brenkenhof

  6. Alt-Tellin

    Schweinezucht Alt-Tellin GmbH
    An der Kreisstraße 29
    17129 Alt-Tellin

  1. Donauwörth

    RwF Reichertsweiler Ferkel GmbH
    Reichertsweiler 1
    86609 Donauwörth

  2. Thierbach

    Sauenhaltung Thierbach GmbH
    Wallengrüner Straße 1-3
    07952 Pausa

  3. Demsin

    DEMVA GmbH
    Dorfstr. 12
    39307 Jerichow

  4. Wellaune

    Sauenhaltung Thierbach GmbH
    Eilenburger Straße 1
    04849 Bad Düben OT Wellaune

  5. Wadelsdorf

    Im Wald 1
    03130 Wadelsdorf

  6. Wasmerslage

    Mesa Agrar GmbH
    Feldstr. 27
    39606 Königsmark OT Wasmerslage

The stable buildings at all sites are modernised on a regular basis. The construction of the buildings and the technical equipment limit emissions to a minimum. State-of-the-art exhaust air treatment systems in every large stable ensure a significant reduction in emissions into clean air. Dust and ammonia are filtered by up to 80%, reducing pig odour by 90%.

To increase sustainability in our operations, ten biogas plants with a total capacity of 6.8 megawatts are being operated at the large sites. Thus, the cycle for the required energy as well as for the supply and disposal are environmentally friendly and well organised. In Binde and Gladau we grow about 20% of our demand for feed on our own. Due to the large croplands around our farms, we have the opportunity to buy the remaining food in our region and avoid long transport routes. Manure and digestates from the biogas plants are being used by the neighbouring farmers as fertiliser on the fields.



First stable in Gladau, constantly modernised and extended (since 2009 with biogas)


Takeover of a stable in Binde (since 2006 with biogas)


Takeover of the stables Fahrbinde and Medow with subsequent modernisation (since 2011 with biogas)


Takeover of the stables Thierbach and Uthmöden


Takeover of the stable in Demsin (since 2011 with biogas)


Takeover of the stables in Wellaune und Wannewitz (since 2014 with biogas)


Construction of the most modern stable in Europe in Alt Tellin (since 2013 with biogas)


Takeover of stables of Strehle GmbH in Bavaria


Takeover of the stables of Spreefa GmbH


Appointment of Heidrun Spengler-Knappe to the management


Transfer of the shares to Christian Graf Brockdorff and replacement of the CEO with Jörn F. Göbert.


Appointment of Jörn Jobst to the management