LFD Holding presents sustainability report

 1st March 2018

LFD Holding has published its first sustainability report. On 32 pages, the company presents its progress in sustainable economy and documents the development with figures and graphic material. The sustainability concept of LFD is based on six pillars – animal welfare, product quality, environment, employees, market and public commitment. […]

Statement by LFD Holding on African Swine Fever

 12th January 2018

Like other industry representatives, we consider the issue of African swine fever a very serious matter. In addition to the immediate danger to our stocks, all movements of animals in large restricted areas will come to a standstill in case of an epidemic. This results in the direct collapse of pig breeding with immense effects on all partners in the value chain and not least on the supply of the population. […]

LFD Holding opens stable for breeding of gilts

 1st December 2017

LFD Holding has opened converted stables for their own gilts breeding in Loburg this week. As part of a reclassification, the former fattening plant in Loburg (Saxony-Anhalt), which belongs to LFD since July 2014, was converted for the upbringing of 14,500 gilts. The inspection of the structural restoration was accompanied by a small celebration for the employees at the site on Wednesday. […]

We introduce our team – Kerstin Schmidt, export

22nd August 2017

My name is Kerstin Schmidt, I’m 32 years old and a trained restaurant specialist. I moved from the city to the country into my own house. Through acquaintances, I learned that LFD also hires lateral entrants. […]

We introduce our team – Hector Soria, veterinary

7th August 2017

My name is Hector Soria. I am 40 years old and a veterinary professional. I studied veterinary medicine in Spain and I also did a master’s degree in food safety. Before I came to Germany, I worked as an official veterinary in the UK. […]

LFD Holding starts project without tail docking

6th June 2017

In cooperation with one of our customers, LFD Holding launches a pilot project for the breeding and fattening of pigs with undocked ring tails. For pig farmers in Germany, it is important to deal with the issue since the industry faces restrictions for tail docking, in addition to the already agreed castration ban. […]

LFD Holding tests boar fattening

10th April 2017

Animal breeders and fatteners in Germany are facing an increasing change in the legal framework. The often short-term revision of proven measures without practicable replacement causes an uncertainty in the livestock industry and is not in the interest of animal welfare. […]

No use of hormones from horse blood at LFD

26th January 2017

The use of horse blood or the hormone PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonatropin) contained therein in sow husbandry is currently being discussed controversially. Background: In Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, according to media reports, large quantities of blood are taken from pregnant mares in order to extract the hormone PMSG. In the past, maltreatment and the systematic abortion of foals with the affected mares occurred.