LFD Holding presents sustainability report

 1st March 2018

LFD Holding has published its first sustainability report. On 32 pages, the company presents its progress in sustainable economy and documents the development with figures and graphic material. The sustainability concept of LFD is based on six pillars – animal welfare, product quality, environment, employees, market and public commitment.

“I am confident that LFD – and particularly our dedicated employees – can be proud of the progress made in recent years,” said LFD CEO Jörn F. Göbert. “It is important to us to use the sustainability report to show that we are in a process of profound change that benefits both our animals and the public,” said Göbert.

In addition to the already practiced improved methods on the topic of crates and the so-called value pig concept, the sustainability report also presents an approach for improving the market situation of pig farms in Germany. With the help of an operator model, which is based on horizontal integration, small-scale structures should be maintained, and the associated farms should be brought into a competitive starting position.

The German-language sustainability report of LFD Holding GmbH is available for download. Click here.

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