Statement by LFD Holding on African Swine Fever

 12th January 2018

Like other industry representatives, we consider the issue of African swine fever a very serious matter. In addition to the immediate danger to our stocks, all movements of animals in large restricted areas will come to a standstill in case of an epidemic. This results in the direct collapse of pig breeding with immense effects on all partners in the value chain and not least on the supply of the population.
LFD group itself is already practicing very strict internal hygiene requirements. There is a strict regime for entering and leaving the stables, which are usually equipped with epidemic tubs. The consumption of meat from Eastern Europe in the company is prohibited.
In this context, it has also proved to be right that LFD Holding carries out its piglet deliveries and internal transports almost exclusively with its own vehicles in order to be able to control safety and hygiene standards in the best possible way.
Currently, we see the largest danger of a spread in the very high numbers of wild boar as well as the extensive transit traffic of vehicles (trucks and passenger cars) from Eastern Europe via German motorways. Because of the potentially not properly disposed food leftovers, the extensive stocks of wild boar can be infected quickly and nationwide.
Therefore, in addition to internal measures to protect our stocks, many external measures have to be carried out and supported by the responsible authorities: above all, the reduction of wild boar populations and the cleanliness of the parking spaces along the main transit routes is of primary importance.
Since the state of Saxony-Anhalt has not yet taken appropriate measures, we have set up a support fund for local hunters and their work in collaboration with many colleagues and responsible district authorities.