We introduce our team – Hector Soria, veterinary

7th August 2017

My name is Hector Soria. I am 40 years old and a veterinary professional. I studied veterinary medicine in Spain and I also did a master’s degree in food safety. Before I came to Germany, I worked as an official veterinary in the UK.

How did you get to LFD?

I came to Germany in 2014 for private reasons and initially looked for a job as a veterinary. Coincidentally, I came across a job advertisement of LFD Holding, in which the company was looking for a quality auditor and experts of the HACCP concept (hazard analysis and critical control point). So, I started my career as a veterinary specialist at LFD.

What exactly is your function?

At LFD, I develop the whole HACCP concept, which serves to achieve a good work system, increase the health status in our farms, optimise and modernise processes.

How do you experience the working atmosphere?

I belong to a team of four veterinaries. We complement each other perfectly. In addition, social interaction with all colleagues is excellent. I also notice how much I am valued as an employee. Furthermore, my work at LFD enables me to live with my family in Bavaria, because I can perfectly combine home office and company visits.

What do you think about the technical equipment?

The technical features of LFD vary from farm to farm. Right now, we are in the process of including new and modern technologies that help us to optimise our processes.

Did you develop your professional skills during your time at LFD?

I had more experience in the food industry and in the quality field than in veterinary medicine. Now, I can develop both aspects of my career. That’s always an advantage.