LFD Holding tests boar fattening

10th April 2017

Animal breeders and fatteners in Germany are facing an increasing change in the legal framework. The often short-term revision of proven measures without practicable replacement causes an uncertainty in the livestock industry and is not in the interest of animal welfare.

From 2019, narcosis-free surgical piglet castration will be prohibited in Germany. Alternatives currently discussed are castration under isofloran or under anaesthesia, immunocastration and boar fattening. LFD Holding considers boar fattening a promising option.
As an innovative producer of piglets, the company intends to collect its first experience with boar fattening together with selected fattening companies and to implement them economically. For this purpose, LFD Holding offers cooperation partners to have uncastrated piglets delivered as part of a pilot project to evaluate anonymised slaughter evaluations and feed compositions, and to bundle questions, experiences and results on a corresponding communication platform.

The contact person for interested companies is Matthias Dahms:

Tel: 039342 93 663 123
Email: matthias.dahms@lfd-holding.com