No use of hormones from horse blood at LFD

26th January 2017

The use of horse blood or the hormone PMSG (Pregnant Mare Serum Gonatropin) contained therein in sow husbandry is currently being discussed controversially. Background: In Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, according to media reports, large quantities of blood are taken from pregnant mares in order to extract the hormone PMSG. In the past, maltreatment and the systematic abortion of foals with the affected mares occurred.

The aim of the use of PMSG is a better-timed birth of piglets and the faster and more predictable re-occupancy of the sows.

LFD Holding declares that in none of our operations the hormone PSMG is or was used. Also, the company distances itself from the practice of blood extraction, which is not compatible with our own standards for animal welfare. “Thanks to our large groups, we can do without a synchronisation of births and achieve very satisfactory results with the natural regeneration of our animals after weaning the piglets. Therefore, we treat our animals only once before the first pregnancy with a different, uncritical hormone, which resembles the birth control pill,” says CEO Jörn Göbert.
In general, LFD Holding strives to achieve a long-term reduction of medical influence on the reproductive process by improving housing conditions and herd health. However, the necessary changes need time and financial resources. “We can only achieve a rapid improvement in the situation of our livestock in Germany and Europe through consistent and reasonable regulations. Especially with larger companies, we can achieve quick and significant improvements, since these units are much simpler to control than the large number of small businesses. Size is an advantage,” Göbert argues.